Foreword by Tina Webb

I recall telling Lisa with pride what an excellent chameleon I had always been, and the absolute paradigm shift that occurred when she asked me quietly, “what do chameleons do best, Tina?”.

They disappear.

The strong basis of this behaviour is often, ‘What will people think?’. When we learn to think this way, often from an early age, it can imprison us in a cycle of being afraid to speak out or to vocalise our dreams. Lisa and Rob have the innate ability to show you how to navigate these irrational fears and change the lens through which you see the world.

Historically we have always leaned towards others with the knowledge and experience to help advise us, more so than ever in relation to parenting. The veritable plethora of books on the shelves is enough to confound anyone seeking information, let alone a weary, time-poor, new mother who is uncertain about which method she has chosen to train her child to sleep or whether dummies truly do cause buck teeth.

Adaptable and eager to learn, I had the realisation that my continuing search, my desire to be open to every new technique and idea was causing chaos and confusion in both my own mind and that of my children. I had not learned to wholly trust my own intuition.

I had the good fortune to meet Lisa and Rob Fogarty initially in the capacity of friendship, on a rocky coral beach in the Whitsundays. They had provided sponsorship for our children’s sailing, with the understanding that sailing has proven to be empowering for both children, teenagers and adults, allowing them to have fun whilst overcoming fear, building resilience, and changing limiting beliefs. On that beach, Lisa immediately identified the frazzled, overwhelmed mother in me and her insightful comments were the beginning of both a strong friendship and professional relationship which has been deeply grounding.

Lisa’s calm understanding of human interaction and interplay, along with her instantaneous connection with people is highly perceptive and often surprising. When Rob shares his thoughts, it is after quiet observation and consideration. In an era where conversation has become a race to each share our own part of the story, Rob takes the time to really listen and connect.

Creating Happy Families is a book which will take you on a journey of the growth and understanding Lisa and Rob have developed, through their shared and individual stories. The techniques and practices they employ as part of the B.O.L.T. Methodology™ and Creating Happy Families are straight-forward and refreshingly easy to follow, allowing you to begin creating greater connection within your own family.

Creating a vision board is just one of the ways Lisa and Rob empower you to create the life you imagine and they are there with you every step of the way encouraging you with their knowledge, wisdom and own life experiences.

With Lisa and Rob, you will find straight-forward, wise parenting strategies which are both fun and common-sense. They have each travelled remarkable, individual paths and their experiences and advice can help you shift your thinking, gain the clarity you need to live a life full of fun, adventure and connection and most importantly, without fear.

Tina Webb

Former Chameleon, Author, and Conscious Parent

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