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Creating Happy Families

Because people come in all shapes and sizes, we offer a learning experience that guides families to connect through better thinking and communication, growing a cohesive family that lives life through fun, respect, trust and adventure.



Creating Happy Families specialises in connecting people, self-esteem, overcoming adversity, building resilience and grit for families.

It is time to be fully connected with your family, to be present, no distractions and start saying no to being busy.

Family Time
Young Family

It is a long weekend away to laugh until your belly hurts, to play, re-discover your imagination and plan your future with your family.


Are you tired and frustrated of having to repeat everything you say, because no-one in your family is listening?

Do you feel exhausted?

Are you and your children stuck on their mobile phone 24/7?  Want to show them there is more to life?

Looking for some adventure in your family’s life?

Want something exciting to do with your family?

Have you stopped communicating with each other?

Is your work getting in the way of your home life?

Need a break from the daily grind?

Is bullying a topic of discussion at home?

Looking for a way to connect more as a family?

Brother and Sister

Is fun and adventure on your agenda for 2022?

Are you ready to eat delicious healthy food and get yourself immersed in nature?

Have you forgotten how to laugh until happy tears are running down your face?

Are you ready to find your happy, to truly discover what it means to be connected as a family?

Are you ready to learn what true happiness is and how to choose a life with less fear and conflict?

Are you just feeling stuck and need some time out, some me time, time to let go of the old and manifest the new?

Camp Fire at Night
  • Learn the keys to creating a happy family

  • Stimulate your senses with fun and curiosity

  • Awaken to the importance of creating and living your own family values

  • Identify the influencers in your village and consciously accept or reject them into your lives

  • Unlock the importance of trust

  • Learn how to choose happiness

  • Attain the difference between reward and punishment

  • Create a fun family adventure every day

  • Progress from dysfunctional to functional family

  • Experience meaningful interactions and make new friends for life

  • Work with people who are there to help you grow and expand

  • Transform your families future

  • Create your personal Creating Happy Families Vision Board bringing to life your dreams

  • Visualise the future together

  • Be immersed in nature, daily yoga, the beach, and meditations

  • Receive a personal coaching session with Lisa - The Family Communications Expert

  • Delve into what you all want out of life

  • Master how to balance your emotions

  • Discover how to cook healthy, easy, delicious food that make your insides sing

  • Heal through the release of old blocks, patterns and learn the art of letting go

  • Step into your ‘New Happy Family’, and rediscover your family again

  • Build your “I CAN” list together

  • Learn to support and encouraging each other to live the life of your dreams

A Toddler and a Baby

No parent deliberately wants to bring up sad or fearful children.  We need to be aware, not scared.  But how do we stop the cycle?

Create unforgettable moments with fun and adventures.

Family Fishing Trip

We have frequently come across frazzled and somewhat overwhelmed parents.  We know from experience and understand what it will take for you to begin creating a greater connection with your family.  We will share thoughts after quiet observation and consideration.  We really take the time to listen and connect.  You will each feel heard. 


Picture this…….you arrive at the property that looks just as it was described to you in your discovery call.  There are other families arriving around the same time.  Two people that look just like the picture on the website welcome you and you instantly feel at home.  The kids are excited as they see the activities set up around the property.  They want to jump out of the car immediately and are told they can go have a look around.  You are handed a map of the property and you are told to help yourself to a beverage of your choice…. Tick.  


We are off to a great start.


Like you, we have a family and also enjoy memorable moments, so we know the importance of getting it right.  During the discovery session we learn as much as we can about you and the other guests (families too) so as to make sure you will all benefit from each other’s company.


While you are at the Creating Happy Families Retreat there will be activities where you will be competing against other families as a team.  This is done to improve communication and learn more about each other, in particular around how you think, build resilience, overcome adversity and the activities will help with self-esteem too.


Have you ever watched the TV program, The Great Race?  If not, that is okay, let us explain our version.


Three families, all in their own accommodation (Sleeping Hubs) on one property, will each be given a map.


The program (The Race) is over 3 days and is split into activities, with each activity requiring teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves around the property, interact with other families, perform physical and mental challenges, and travel by various transport options available (provided by the property).  The team to complete the challenge is the winner.


Challenges | Teamwork | Games | Reward | Fun


Bring your family along on a journey of discovery and have some fun together.  Connect in a way that will have you all reminiscing on an experience of a lifetime.  Learn skills to use in your life and career.  Be happy and connected to each other, learn how each other thinks and wants to be treated.  Loving each other is easy when you know how they want to be loved.


Is this for you?


If you want your family to be more connected, less confrontational, more courageous, less fearful, more joyful, less anxious, more self-loving, less bullied, kinder, less stressed and live a better life, then this experience is for you.


Program Outline


Opening ceremony - Team colours (presented with bandanas)

Session 1 - Embrace that everyone is different - Create your family values

Session 2 - Who’s Who in your Zoo - Profiling

Session 3 - Authority & Influencer - Storytelling

Session 4 - Creating Better Communicators - Private Consultation

Session 5 - Thinking - Treasure Hunt + Shared Cooking Experience

Session 6 – Emotions - Balancing the Energy

Session 7 - Being 100% Responsible

Session 8 - Creating Better Thinkers - Fun Activity + BBQ cook up

Session 9 - Signals of Energy – Experiences - Plant a tree

Session 10 - Reward v’s Punishment - I Can - Affirmations

Session 11 - The View of the Future - Journal

Session 12 - Dare to Dream - 101 List

Session 13 - Creating Unforgettable Moments - Happy Family Vision Board

Acknowledgement Dinner


What’s Included for a Family of 4 people?


  • Full Accommodation and amenities

  • All meals and refreshments as part of this the family will participate in learning and cooking some easy delicious meals

  • Daily fun full of family activities

  • Competitions and prizes

  • Treasure hunts with maps and dress ups

  • Laughing and lots of it

  • Getting Back to Nature with Swimming, and Nature Walks

  • Fun and so much of it


All Materials Provided:


  • A copy of Rob and Lisa’s #1 best-selling Creating Happy Families Book

  • A copy of the Creating Happy Families Journal and Workbook

  • Your family’s very own Creating Happy Families Affirmation Playing Cards

  • The 5 Love Languages Book

  • 8 Dates Book

  • Private Coaching Sessions with Lisa and Rob

  • Your own families take home values board

  • Your Family Vision Board

Lisa & Rob Low Res.jpg

Robert and Lisa Fogarty

Combining their love of storytelling and connecting families, Rob and Lisa Fogarty understand what it takes to live a life full of passion, love and adventure.  Two very different people with diverse upbringings come together and share their life stories to help you connect with your family at a deeper level.  Spending time with them will grow your desire for adventure and living life  without limits.  Become a better thinker, communicator and create experiences beyond your wildest dreams.  Learn that anything is possible provided you believe.

Rob and Lisa, Co-Founders of Performance Circle, a consulting firm that investigates new possibilities that are hidden within your fears and self-belief, provide you with plug and play strategies that will nurture and grow your family values, creating magical moments in your life, relationships and career.

To learn more, we invite you to book a FREE Discovery Session so we can get to know you.

We want to discuss your needs and determine if this family retreat is suitable

for you and your family.

Much love

Lisa and Rob Fogarty