Dear Lisa & Rob,

We would all like to thank you both so much, for the amazing, life-changing and transformational experience over the past 4 days.

I must start by encouraging others to take a leap of faith into your world, that first step as we all encounter in one’s life a tragedy in some form or another. It can seriously change you, it consumes your every thought, your every breath, for some it may even scar you for life. It’s how you see that change that ultimately dictates your life! Trust me when I say “I know” because my family and I have been there, and though out our transformation experience we realised that Lisa and Rob had been there too, and we were not alone.

What if I was to share that our tragedies in life are now our trademarks for success. Been around other survivors and understanding what they have been through, their challenges, their mistakes, their successes breaks down that negative thought pattern and empowers you with the tools and abilities to change and overcome your fears.

We were whisked away from reality, taken to a fantasy world, an exotic remote island, where all our dreams came true. Treated like Rock stars, wined and dined till we could eat no more, showered with mystery, on what was to come next, as our daily stresses melted into the abyss. This was their design, giving us the ability to make decisions as a family unit, whilst also creating a well of opportunities for each as an individual, to enjoy their own experiences whilst making their own decisions.

What an opportunity, we all learnt what each other liked, what they didn’t like, how each other reacted to new things and most of all we were simply accountable for our choices to create a dream holiday together!

We thrived, this is where the magic happened, my girls were overwhelmed by a 5-star hotel, simple things happened like food magically appearing to your room and the biggest bedroom and bathroom they had ever seen. A view that would literally take your breath away as a husband and wife hugged whilst the sunset over the horizon, we were creating good memories, this is the beginning of our new life together, no pain, no suffering, no stress, simply happiness. A completely different mindset altered the course of our life together. We were a happy family again!

The next few days filled with amazing memories, as we were taught to be better thinkers, better communicators. We were able to create better memories this is simply the key to our success, the key to moving forward, the key for better planning and understanding. This is why we thank you Lisa and Rob. You gave us back our life.

We now control our life, like plotting a course on a boat. A gift that was given to me by Lisa and Rob, our new family friends. This is the memory that I take away from that day, I found my inner peace again and we found ourselves.

Big love,
The Humby Family

Adelaide, Australia


I have known Lisa and Rob Fogarty long enough to realise that they are not just your average people you walk past on the street.  They are special.  Not like you saying to your best mate, ‘Oh man, you’re so special’, I mean like a one-in-a-million special.  There is a great chance you will never meet anyone like them in your life. I was extremely lucky to meet such wise, kind, and intelligent people.  Sometimes life gifts you with amazing opportunities such as meeting Lisa and Rob and you need to jump up and grasp those opportunities firmly. 

Rob and Lisa have taught me not only to be determined, to follow my dreams and to have courage but also that taking a risk can equal a reward, to take whatever life hits you with or you may miss some extraordinary opportunities, maybe even some life changes.

I think of Lisa and Rob as my heroes. They have helped me through tough times, given me advice and made me laugh on days when to me the sun was not shining.  They have also taught me that whatever you put your mind to, can become a reality.

Well, done Lisa and Rob, you are stars.  For future times, good luck. 

Noah Webb

11 and half years old

Queensland Australia.


We weren’t sure what to expect the morning our family headed off to meet Lisa and Rob Fogarty. The sun was shining, and the water was glass. A light breeze gently moved the trees but the weather was not why our day out with Lisa and Rob was one of our family’s absolute highlights of our adventure.

From our first few interactions with Lisa and Rob, we knew they were people we wanted our family to spend time with. It was obvious that our shared values of kindness, generosity, valuing others, seeking adventure and accepting challenges were aligned. 

With his warm, fatherly nature, Rob is a teacher at heart for young and old alike. Together with Lisa’s uncompromising belief that anything is possible, their encouragement saw our family each take our turn in the spotlight. It was a day of great connection where each person in our family felt seen and valued.

Lisa’s mantra of “of course you can” convinced us all that we could, and Rob’s warm assurance put us all completely at ease. At times, our little people, then aged 5 and 8 were having the ride of a lifetime.

In my experience, Lisa and Rob nurture a culture of encouragement and competition within the families and teams they gather around themselves, to promote bold challenge accepting so that radical personal growth is achieved and celebrated.  That’s why our family want to be a part of any adventure the Fogarty’s invite us to join them in.

Penny Chadwick
Artist • Photographer • Ocean Lover • Sky Enthusiast
Penny Chadwick Photography

Melbourne, Australia


We had the fortunate life experience opportunity of meeting Lisa and Rob Fogarty. 

We are an arts family; my husband, our 12-year-old son and I, are not in search of athletic or extreme adventure in any way.

It was absolutely out of my own comfort zone as Lisa and Rob welcomed us and were so incredibly kind and thoughtful.

What had we been dealing with?

After the pandemic hit New York, we left quite quickly and arrived in Australia, feeling very distant from our usual life and wondering when we would be able to return.

Lisa and Rob were so caring and informed us about what was happening and why. Once out and about, we were all given the opportunity to take the helm which was thrilling.

In particular, our son, who was hesitant, ultimately took the helm and had such a brilliant time. I have never seen a smile on his face so big as I did that day.

This was such an experience of connection for us as a family; with each other, with nature and with Lisa and Rob. It is exhilarating to be so close to nature, to hear only the wind while the sun sets in the distance. We witnessed the exquisite beauty of nature in the Whitsunday Islands nestled around the Great Barrier Reef, a priceless family memory.

Yours in Recalculating,

Karen Jacobsen

Queensland, Australia

The GPS Girl I Motivational Speaker | Award-Winning Singer and Songwriter | Voice-Over Artist l Author l Destination Ambassador Whitsundays, QLD I It Is Never Too Late To Recalculate