Cornelius and Mavis Fogarty and Raymond and Marion Gartrell our birth parents, we thank you for bringing us into this world. We acknowledge the good times and the tough times. All of which has made us who we are today. Your love, dedication and never wavering support, encouraging us to be who we want to be, is why we love you so much.

We also would like to acknowledge our children and their friends, for always being up for a challenge, having fun and going on adventures with us.

Our sisters and brothers, you have contributed in a big way to why we have the resilience and tenacity to be the people we are today, and for that we thank you.

Our grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends and colleagues, our gratitude goes to you for accepting us in the many roles we have played.

We even acknowledge those teachers that provided so many unforgettable experiences for us to learn from.

And most importantly we acknowledge each other for the love and compassion we send out to the world, together we make a difference by being the difference. Soul Mates forever. xx

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