Wrap Up

We believe in you, maybe even more than you believe in yourself for now and that is okay. We are here to help navigate your way to creating better experiences in your relationships and to bring you and your family together with better thinking and communication.

How you decide to live a life of fun and adventure is up to you.

The stories you share both internally and externally, will either help or hinder you in your life. So why not change the stories to suit the outcome you wish to live. Be sure to treasure the moments that matter and always do what makes you happy.

Being ready for a new adventure every day will help you keep your mind clear of any negative thoughts.

Try taking a walk outside and create an adventure, explore new horizons and build your village with empowering and energetic people.

Keep updating your vision board so your dreams and desires can come true. Recognise and remember how and what to do or be for your whole family. Being happy and having fun is what families are meant to be and do. We are here when you are ready to take the next step to creating a happy family.

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Magical Date Nights

Story of the spy game

Can you remember the last time you went on a date with your partner?

Many times, while working with families we have introduced Magical Dates Nights which include all members of the family.

Imagine having a babysitter that is your family’s happiness coach!

They had just arrived at the island and were so excited to be on a family holiday. Everyone had their idea of what fun meant to them. Mum, a day at the day spa. Dad, time on the boat, and the kids spending quality time together as a family, swimming, playing and above all having FUN!

Fun takes energy, everyone needs to be in the same frame of mind, in the moment. This is where the holiday can often turn pear-shaped.

As happiness coaches, we know the importance of sharing all magical moments with every person in the family. Starting with a Magical Date Night, is often the best way for the children to bond with us and it allows the parents to bond over a private dinner, not realising that they are actually being coached.

The kids love the Spy Game and photos that we take while the parents are having a well-deserved break from their children.

The kids are taught how important it is, for their parents to have adult time. They are able to see where their parents are, having dinner or lunch and they get to watch from a distance and take photos, that will later be a conversation piece. A ’Memorable Moment’.

Capturing photos of the parents, holding hands, smiling to each other and understanding that they are not only parents, but two people enjoying each other’s company.

It is made more fun for the kids, by them pretending they are spies, (the good kind of course). The game is even more exciting, that the parents do not see them taking photos. They must be stealthy.

The excitement is shared after the dinner or lunch date with the children explaining what they saw. The parents are overwhelmed with joy that the children can recognise love, joy and happiness in others.

Often there are tears with this new awareness and we see the partners connecting even more, freely able to show this affection in front of the children.

These findings and new experiences are then utilised, as part of the coaching sessions, for the remainder of the retreat.

Real-life stories shared for all the right reasons.

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