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Chapter 13

Creating Unforgettable Moments

Fun Activity

Creating Unforgettable Moments

Vision Boarding

If you want to transform your life, you must have a clear vision of what you want your new, improved life to look like!

Along with the confidence, focus and motivation to keep moving forward to your goals, no matter what obstacles appear on your path.

That is why visualisation is one of the most powerful success strategies we teach.

When you have a crystal-clear understanding of what your life will look and FEEL like, once your goals have been achieved, you will find it so much easier to stay on track. Even when everything around you is in chaos and upheaval.

Our Vision Board Checklist will help you visualise your feelings of success, happiness, security, and even more.

Start with some coloured cardboard, at least A3 size. The bigger the better.

You will then need the following:

• Glue stick

• Scissors

• Old Magazines or material that has pictures and words

Creating an inspirational space:

· Choose music without words

· Find an open space like an indoor or outdoor table

· Have good lighting

· Prepare and share snacks and refreshments

· Invite friends to join you

· Take photos to capture the experience

Making your Dream Vision Board

Now sit together as a family or you may choose to do this on your own.

While thinking about all the areas of your life, as you flick through the magazines, start ripping out pages of pictures or words that inspire or excite you.

This may be scenery, products or even people.

Put all the pieces you are collecting to one side. Once you feel you have enough inspiration from the pieces you have collected, now it is time to glue them onto the coloured cardboard.

Something to understand is the importance of covering the whole piece of paper with no gaps. You may wish to make several Dream Vision Board sheets and start a file with your collection.

Some topics could be:

• Career

• Adventures

• Relationships

• Finances

• Education

Once you have completed your Dream Vision Board make sure you look at it 3 times a day to remind yourself of what your new life will look and FEEL like.

You may wish to add to your Dream Vision Board as you think of other activities or people you would like in your life.

Share your Dream Vision Board with other people so they can help you bring it to life.



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